About Concrete Dream, Inc.

Welcome to my fantastical, magical, little cloud in the sky called Concrete Dream Inc.

John Boorman – the excellent English Director once said, “making films is very much like making dreams concrete”. I think he’s pretty much correct and for over thirty years that exactly what I’ve done. I love to make ideas in my imagination come to life.

I started writing and creating shows for kids and families a very long time ago. For over 30 years I’ve professionally (meaning I get paid to do this) written, created, and produced shows for kids and families. Some have even won prizes. These projects have ranged from short films (Mystic Swirl, The Burglar) to kids tv projects (Steve Trash Show on Comcast) to one-off projects video projects to promote healthy eating and exercise (Kids Making Better Choices) and even music recorded with world famous Muscle Shoals Musicians (The Trash Tunes).

As the Eco-character Steve Trash I’ve been lucky enough to travel the world (Japan, Australia, Canada, Spain, Portugal, United States) entertaining and sharing my knowledge of ecology in magical ways. Over the course of this time, I’ve also created lots of digital entertainment for kids and families. Some of these projects have been terrific and some have been not so terrific, but I’ve always moved forward with two goals in mind; engage and enlighten. I can’t really see the purpose in doing anything less important than this.

To me there’s no good reason to create entertainment that doesn’t have some real “soul” to it. And… I’m really good at figuring out what kids will think is funny and generally what they’ll like. My wife says it’s because I’m a 8 year old kid trapped in a 50 year old man’s body. She might be right. Either way, I love creating content for children (and their families). It makes me happy to create and think about this kind of entertainment. My company Concrete Dream Inc. develops SVOD concepts, TV shows, live shows, and even game concepts... so drop us a line and lets have a conversation. You never know, maybe we can make your dreams concrete too.

Steve Richerson

Stephen B. Richerson - CEO, Storyteller, Late Night Idea Thinker-Upper

FILMS, SVOD concepts, TV shows, live shows, game concepts AND more