Here’s a short list of the TV and SVOD projects that we currently have in various stages of development.


CRASH - Crash is a LIVE ACTION throwback to 1950's style crazy TV fun. Steve Trash (the Rockin' Eco Hero) hosts hilarious kid contests and performs amazing (really really amazing) magic tricks in front of a live kid audience. Featuring segments like SLAPSTICK SCIENCE, SUPER SILLY or SUPER SMART, and WOW THAT WAS AMAZING... Steve creates a fun space to "hang out" and just have fun. LIVE ACTION - Kids 6-8

Splash Tunes

THE SPLASH TUNES - The adventures of a kid rock band from the “hit recording capital of the world” - River City. There’s something in the water. Everyone says it. The Singing River produces a rhythm, a vibe, and a kind of musical magic. Everyone in Muscle Shoals, Alabama knows it. Jett, Davey, Kid, and Kaley have grown up in a sonic and rhythm filled atmosphere. A constant parade of kooky friends, neighbors, and even rival bands can stop the band from “saying what they’ve got to say” through music. Although it’s really tough sometimes. ANIMATION – Kids 6-12 and their families - 22 minutes


TRASH TV – ECO SCI FI ADVENTURE - For far too long, the Dark Forge has controlled the blue planet and with terrible results. Through their misguided schemes the environment of “The Blue” has been overused, abused, and polluted. But a small band of green rebels – The Trash Team are taking a stand and fighting back. ANIMATION – Kids 6-12 years old – 22 minutes


KIDS MAKING BETTER CHOICES - Kids are smart and will make good choices about eating and exercise if these choices are presented to them in fun and funny ways. Steve Trash – a top hatted, bespectacled, kindly, grandfatherly- type presents viewing kids with two options for better eating and exercise… “Which is the smarter choice?” Each choice is illustrated with quick paced, comic slapstick, rhymed choices. LIVE ACTION – Kids 3-6 years old – 2 minutes


CARLOS TREK - Carlos is a kid garbologist. He travels the world in a a kooky, unpredictable, and magical trash can, learning about cultures and kids around the world through their trash. ANIMATION – Kids 3-6 – 22 minutes

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